Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dark Knight Rises soundtrack online FOR FREE!!!

Empire magazine has LEGALLY posted most of Hans Zimmer's Dark Knight Rises soundtrack. It's unfortunate that James Newton Howard didn't return; their collaboration was a stroke of genius, but Howard said that the working relationship between Zimmer and Nolan was so strong after Inception that he felt like a third wheel. I've always had mixed feelings about Zimmer, some of his scores are often bland and unmemorable; it's always apparent what scores he phoned in. Luckily, he delivered something truly powerful and deeply emotional here, bringing the trilogy to an epic finale (musically). One area the Batman films have always excelled in is the musical scores, even the Schumacher films have a brilliant, sweeping score by Elliot Goldenthal (undoubtedly the best decision Schumacher made in his time with the franchise).

The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack will be released next Tuesday. If you're a hipster, it's available on vinyl, too.

By the way, how cool is the cover?

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