Sunday, October 16, 2011



Like gratuitous nudity? Violence? 70‘s style editing and musical scoring? Then it’s Torso all the way!
One of the better Giallo films from director Sergio Martino, Torso tells the timeless tale of coeds getting strangled in Perugia, leaving only a red and black scarf as a clue. So, of course Jane and her friends go on vacation at an isolated villa in the countryside. Because, you know, why not? Martino isn’t as strong a director as Argento or even Fulci, but he does a great job of building tense set pieces and delivering a satisfying payoff. And when he needs to kill time, he’ll throw in a lesbian scene. Because, you know, why not?  The gore is a mixed bag. There are some moments where it is truly horrific and other instances where you can see the prop head folding in. The explanation given for the killer is a tad weak, but you know what, I just went along with it and enjoyed the ride. There are also numerous shots of the Italian countryside added for good measure. Any film with this many bizarre red herrings is A-okay with me. 
Oh, and the film begins in the middle of an orgy.  
Fun Fact: During production, none of the cast was told who the killer was. And because of the high amount of red herrings in the film, many of the actresses were convinced it was someone else doing all the murders.
Why isn’t this on the Blu-ray?: An alternate ending was shot with the killer surviving in the end.


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